She Has My Hand

She Has My Hand

ISBN: 0692308547

ISBN 13: 9780692308547

Publication Date: October 10, 2014

Publisher: Captains Sharing & Caring C/O Cheryl Krajcsik

Pages: 100

Format: Paperback

Author: Mrs Cheryl a Krajcsik

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Do you have a special needs child? If so, you know how these children touch the hearts of folks even if they have no idea the child has special needs. If you don't have a special needs child, please read how this little girl has touched the lives of many. Remember, sometimes special needs are invisible, so you may not know the child you love is a special needs child. Just because you can't see their illness or problem, doesn't mean they're not 'special'. Heather is a very smart two year old young lady that I was lucky enough to be privileged to spend some exceptional time with. My life with her is something I would do over and over. She's beautiful, smart, and steals your heart in a minute. Her big brown eyes and curly brown hair will sweep you off your feet. She's such a cutie! You will get to know her and our many adventures. She's a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse fanatic, and loves to tell you why her little angel hangs on her bed. She loves to cuddle, rock and sing, and of course her puppy is very important too. You won't want to put this book down. Read through to the end to see the results of this special little girls life. All proceeds from this book go to the Foundation in her honor, Captains Sharing & Caring.

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