Baby Love

Baby Love

ISBN: 0233973869

ISBN 13: 9780233973869

Publication Date: January 01, 1981

Publisher: Andre Deutsch

Pages: 243

Format: Paperback

Author: Joyce Maynard

3.41 of 243

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In their New Hampshire community, Sandy, Jill, Tara, and Wanda are different from other teenage girls. Jill is pregnant, while the other three are already mothers. Sandy, at eighteen, is married. Tara, the product of a broken family, is raising her baby alone. Wanda, with her three-month-old, still manages to date despite the demands of motherhood.

Though their situations are different, the girls are united by their baby love. When two childless women arrive from out of town, the young mothers quickly capture their attention. But just as the women's worlds begin to intertwine, a catastrophe threatens to sweep through town--and change their lives forever.

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